Beggars and Choosers

Beggars and Choosers is a tongue-in-cheek look at network television. In the episodes The Golf War Syndrome and The Long Goodbye, Bruce plays a character named Jack (yet again) Stiles. Jack is an actor who guest stars on a TV show as a Mountain Man. Jack is an infamous skirt chaser. Not surprisingly, this mountain man skirt chaser is actually gay and has the hots for casting executive Malcolm Laffley.

The first 12 snaps are from The Golf War Syndrome, and the rest are from The Long Goodbye. My apologies for how dark some of them are. They were the best I could do.

beggars01.jpg beggars02.jpg beggars03.jpg beggars04.jpg beggars05.jpg
beggars06.jpg beggars07.jpg beggars08.jpg beggars09.jpg beggars10.jpg
beggars11.jpg beggars12.jpg beggars13.jpg beggars14.jpg beggars15.jpg
beggars16.jpg beggars17.jpg beggars18.jpg beggars19.jpg beggars20.jpg

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